Friday, March 03, 2006

Good post by Ian Landsman over at userscape called "Your Software Sucks Because Its Ugly". So true. The original version of ChimSoft was a very plain jane looking application. Sure it had the functionality people wanted, but when I showed it to people they were like "Eh". I spent a decent amount of time making it look "pretty" after that. It's been shown time and again that people will leave with a much better impression after seeing a "pretty" program with less features, then an "ugly" program with more features. That is many people's draw to Apple after all. I used Mac's for years before the hip "style" came around in the late 90s. No one cared, they were little grey boxes with a happy face computer when they started that didn't play the games they wanted. Now, with a super face lift, people buy macs as a fashion statement for themselves.


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