Thursday, July 20, 2006

Well I'd been going back and forth on this in my head, but I've decided to release my latest pet project to at least my blog viewing audience. This is completely non affiliated with SearTech, and is something i've been working on in my spare spare time for the past month or so.

For the longest time people have been bugging me to get a copy of my wife's budget. She is the Queen of Excel, and has made a kick ass budget that tells where every dollar we spend goes, and can even figure out if the escrow on our mortgage is off by a single penny. It tracks Net Worth, freedom funds and all sorts of other complicated gobilty gook (sp?). Anyways, it's too complicated for most people to use, but EVERYONE I know at least WANTS to do a budget, so I figured i'd put on together and make it web accessable. The result is BudgetSimple (

I still consider it beta and forsee lots of things changing on it over time, but since I got to this point i've been kind of stalled and figured more feedback from strangers might be helpful. Hopefully some of you can use it. I couldn't believe it when BenjiSmith posted his second idea as Budget Buddy, as I had just finished the first rough version of this at the time, and actually had BudgetBuddy as a working name (Domain is taken)! Hopefully that's not what he'll choose as his business, because I promise I didn't copy.

Also I should mention that I am offering this completely free. Forever. For all Premium, Plus, Super Duper versions. I'm really too busy with all my other projects to try marketing this, and besides there are already plenty of pay budgets out there. That was the main problem I saw. Either a budget cost money and was slick (too slick), or it was free and sucked. I hoped to make a decent budget and offer it for free, because I personally believe people in America need more savings, less bling, and much less debt. It's in our national interest. So as long as this isn't drawing crazy traffic I plan on keeping it free. The only forseeable revenue I may add would be targeted TRUSTWORTHY ads, kind of like The Deck does. I wouldn't want Google Ads, because they serve up all manor of sketchy stuff, and I'd feel terrible if someone used my program to try and get out of debt but winded up with some shady debt consolidation company...

Anyways, I'd love your feedback, the final thing I should point out is the primary goal here is simplicity. It will not link to your bank account. It will not do your taxes for you. It purposely rounds off to the nearest dollar. My idea of internationalization was not using dollar signs anywhere. Simple simple simple was my goal here. It WILL track where you spend your money. It will also help you track your debt progress, your savings, your goals, and even has some neat calculators for figuring out debt strategies. There will be more coming such as vacation budgets, small business budgets etc, but I hope to always keep the basic program simple. Hit me up at ryohki98ATyahooDOTcom if you have any suggestions.


At 1:19 PM, Anonymous Andrey said...

You're a cool dude Phil!

Trying BudgetSimple now...

At 7:06 AM, Anonymous Benji Smith said...

Very cool, Phil! I'll have to check it out.

Luckily, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve, if you've already nabbed up the Super-Simple Budget niche.



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