Saturday, April 08, 2006

More traveling for ChimSoft. In Burlington, Vermont this week presenting our software to the Vermont Chimney Sweep Guild. In addition, since it takes place at the National Chimney Sweep Supply company headquarters, I was able to spend some time talking to them, and am proud to announce that ChimSoft will soon contain National Chimney's parts catalog in addition to the Lindemann catalog we have had for some time.

On a side (non ISV) note, I think Burlington is one of my favorite cities. I end up in Vermont at least twice a year since the in-laws are here and I like it more everytime. This is the first time i've arrived by air however. Burlington looks like a model train town from the air, but despite its quant appearance, its a really great town. It has both a small town and big city feel. It's not uncommmon to go to a city bar and see a copy of American Hunter next to the regular newspaper, or a NRA sticker on the same car as an anti-Bush sticker. The best part however is the beer. There is easily more breweries per capita then any other American city, and despite its rural surroundings, you can often find beers on draft here that I can't even find in DC. I would love to retire here.


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