Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yahoo Maps Beta

Wow, I just discovered the Yahoo Maps Beta. Yahoo Maps had always given better directions then Google. For example, one time I mapped a trip from Baltimore to New Orleans, and Google gave a route that took 4 hours longer. Also to get across town it always has me taking this weird collection of highways, where Yahoo gives you the shortest, most direct route. But Yahoo wasn't AJAX, and that's just painful after Google Maps.

Well, not anymore! Not only is their map AJAX now, but it has updated satellite photography (my house is clear, not a blur now!), real time traffic info (looks like a tractor trailer jacknifed near my exit), and all the other features that Google Maps already had. It even starts the map at a location based on my IP! Only weird thing is the zoom control, I prefer the zoom in to be at the top, and the zoom out to be at the bottom.


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