Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Ok, so I said I wouldn't do any work last weekend, but I guess I'm not doing any work this weekend either, since I'm going on a last vacation for the summer, a quick 4 day trip to Chicago. It's the only major US city I haven't been to yet. It's a weird city because it was in every movie of the 80s, but seems to have disappeared off the map since. Everything is about NYC these days. This trip also makes this my most traveled year (if you don't include my cross country drive after college). Between day job, SearTech conventions and vacation, this year I've been to Mystic CT, New York City, Louisville, Burlington, Lansing, Pittsburgh, The Adirondacks, Reykjavik, London, Oxford, and Paris...and it's only August.


I still haven't gotten around to doing any marketing for BudgetSimple, yet it started getting a bunch of traffic this week as links spread from the tech community, to the freebie community, then to the mommy community... It's an interesting study and I may do a more detailed display of how it's making its way around the internet. Hope anyone who signed up is enjoying it. I'll be adding a few more needed categories and taking the beta label off. I think it's irresponsible to leave a beta label on things forever, I don't mind taking responsibility for my bugs.

All the talk lately from Andrey and Benji of making games got me vaguely interested in finishing the game I started two years ago, but its doubtful I'll have time to finish this year. I guess I could open source it as one random person wanted, but that kind of takes all the fun out of it, doesn't it? The Xbox 360 dev kit is also of great interest to me, and perhaps to MicroISVs.

ChimSoft is still chugging along, version 1.6 is under development, hopefully in time for the busy season for Chimney Sweeps in the fall. I am off pace for my ambitious sales goal for the year (goals that are easy to meet are called tasks in my book), but hopefully the fall will make up for it.

My experiment with AdSense is past the experimentation phase and is just plain old income at this point. Day to day earnings are extremely inconsistent, but the monthly earnings have been about the same.


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