Friday, January 12, 2007

Update on BudgetSimple

Just to tie up the loose ends on older blog posts, I wanted to mention how BudgetSimple is doing. First, if you remember, it's a free online budgeting tool, so whether a million people or one sign up I make $0. Partly because of that, I havn't had a lot of time to dedicate to it in terms of marketing. In fact, all of the marketing I did was on week one, where I had a blog for BudgetSimple (now killed, again, no time), and a blog post here.

From those two simple actions, the links have spread all over the Intarweb. To date, 1400 people have signed up. It seems maybe 10% of those are regularly active. I've had a few thank you letters, and a few bug reports and feature requests. Even though it's free, I really enjoy that people are getting something out of the software, and hopefully saving more or paying off debt because of it. I also like the subject matter of BudgetSimple (I'm a secret accounting nerd kind of), so I look forward to spending more time on it soon.

Also, the blog has gone purple, to match the city of Baltimore as long as the Ravens are in the playoffs!


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