Thursday, November 08, 2007

.NET Download Size

I'm surprised I still hear this as such an issue on the software boards. It is of course not ideal that most Windows PCs are not running the latest version of .NET, and that your 3MB app will require a 25MB download for someone to use it.

But when I sell/sold software to Chimney Sweeps, despite sweeps being one of the least tech savvy audiences, I never once heard a complaint about this.

iTunes, arguably one of the most popular pieces of software out there, feels the need to update with a 60MB install every two weeks.

.NET in my opinion, is one the things Microsoft actually got right. It does stink that half the people who download your product will get a larger download, but 25MB is really nothing these days. Especially when given the productivity gains.

I bring this up because I am going to begin work on the desktop version of BudgetSimple in the coming weeks. I again evaluated other potential development platforms, but wanted to learn from my own past and go with what I know.

Whatever framework you want to use will make little difference to your customer. Just make sure you make it seamless. So make your installer automatically download .NET or Java.


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