Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Spam from the future?

So I've been getting an awful lot of bizarre spam lately on my Yahoo account (the one I use for any public asking sites). It looks like this:

Note two things:

1) It's completely unreadable, meaning it's either there just to fill my inbox, or it's in another character set... my email address does sound vaguely japanese?
2) All of them are dated January 18, 2038. Maybe this is just so they float to the top of the box?

Alternate Theory:
Perhaps future Phil, in a post-apocolyptic war that sees China winning, and a banishment of the english language, is urgently trying to warn me about something.

Alternate Theory 2:
Spammers in the future, thanks to a ban on net neutrality, purchase the highest speed connections, which send spam faster then the speed of light, resulting in spam accidentily being sent to the past.

I'm pretty sure it's one of the alternate theories. Luckily Yahoo catches 100% of this. Let's see GOOGLE filter spam from the future.


At 3:37 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Phil, I am getting the same SPAM with the weird dates. Turns out that Jan. 18 2038 is some kind of date when UNIX computers will all experience some kind of date crash (kind of like the Y2K problem) because of how they were originally set up to count time. Some bastard spammers have decided to fake the date of their emails to match this date. It seems like this would make them easier to catch (like a serial killer leaving obvious clues to taunt the police), but despite all the measures by internet related companies, nothing seems to change. I was getting ten to twenty spams per day from the same spammer for over two years, and no matter how many times I reported it to Yahoo, they kept coming.


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