Saturday, September 23, 2006

Scamsters Respond

Last week, I revealed a new technique I was using to combat spammer/scammers from contacting my customers. Studying the trends over the week, I added a new addition which actually prevents them from sending any emails once they reach a certain spam threshold. Well, the scammers are not too happy about not being able to send their emails. I got this nice letter from :

you said i have being flagged for scam which is not too good.i am never a scammer and i am preety unhappy at that will you just let me know why on earth will you do such.

Uh oh! Well with that well written english I thought perhaps my filtering scheme was not working well, so I decided to test Mr. Cambell. I sent an email from a random email address I have (which does not have a car for sale and does not mention any details about the car):


Yes my car is still for sale, my final price is $2,000.


Well, what do you know, without even knowing the make or year of my car, and indeed never contacting me about any car, he wrote this nice letter back:

Hello thanks for the name is dr. marcus cambell black and i am a british citizen.i am a car dealer and i was introduce to the internet market by my friend williams.i intend buying your car and ship it here in the uk and i will resell it to people who are in need of it.we basically sell this cars to people who live here in the uk and prefer to ride on the left hand drive car as you have in your country and i am sure you know that here in the uk we ride on the right hand drive.therefore,i will want to know your fanal price and i will want you to give me assuarance that the car is in good condition or better still tell me all about the car and your prefered method of payment.i need this car as fast as possible because i have check it well on the web and i will want you to act fast on it.
thanks for your anticipated cooperation and hope to hear from you soon.
I must confess,i need this car.

Sure you've never scammed Mr. Cambell, sure you havn't. So the scam prevention is working well so far.


At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,
I was researching the name Marcus Cambell Black and came upon your blog. It is very interesting to me that you found him to be a scammer. I am a US citezen and i was looking for a nanny job and got an offer in the UK by a Mr. Bill Williams, via the e-mail address . He offered to pay 200 pounds a week and would pay for my flight. I have been e-mailing him trying to find more about him and his family. I have asked repeatedly to receive pictures and a phone call from him, but he has been simply sending me the same e-mail over and over again. I finally received pictures, one supposedly of him and his son, the other of his wife and daughter. They both looked posed so i googled them. I found the same picture of him and his son on a stock photo website. I also found it suspicious that he was using the name Bill Williams while he said his family was the Marcus family. (notice on your blog that Mr. Black got the internet from his friend 'williams') If you have any more information on mr. black please post it on your blog and i will check back here soon. Thank you so much for you help!

At 11:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Well, it seems "Mr Marcus Cambel Black" continues to use this yahoo email to try to acquire services and goods from all over the world.

Last week I posted an auto advertise and surprise, this week I got an email from this address, interested in buying it.

I also found it suspicious and googled the email...and I came to this blog.

What in the hell is this "guy" (or whatever he is) up to..?

Regards to you all


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