Thursday, October 05, 2006

Reward Yourself

For the other MicroISV'ers out there, if you are making $100 a month or $1k a month, remember why you probably started your business in the first place, to have fun! It's important to reward yourself in some way, or the stress will build and you will burn out quick. Set a small goal for yourself, and if you reach it, give yourself a small reward.

For me, I had always promised myself once I reached a certain level of earnings I would buy something I dreamed about as a kid, season tickets to by alma matter, University of Maryland Basketball. They are perrenially sold out, and season tickets go for a fortune on eBay. I finally got some this year, and not only will it force me away from the computer for 20 games, but it also reminds me why I am spending time on all this in the first place!


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