Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Slight Road Bump

There is a little problem I encountered with my "MicroISV Challenge 2007", my Internet at my new place stopped working. I almost wrote a post about how awesome Verizon is for UPS'ing me a DSL modem in 2 days, and I plugged it in and it worked. I was on the Internet all weekend, and then Monday evening I came home to no DSL. I called Verizon and because my "official date" is Nov 16th, they can't do anything to help...I'm like "clearly it physically works, just turn it on and bill me!". But whatever.

Luckily this project isn't a web app, and I am still well on schedule if not ahead of schedule in my development of BudgetSimple's desktop edition. It doesn't look pretty yet (and probably won't til week 2), but it does almost everything the online version of BudgetSimple does already! So unfortunately I probably won't be providing the daily updates THIS week (I'm at a Panera currently...glorious Panera with their free Internet).


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