Friday, March 28, 2008

Lesson Learned? + New Employee!

Ok, so like a year ago, I announced that ChimSoft was finished...but I still left the website up, and heck, I wouldn't turn down someone that wanted it. But I did zero marketing, and zero development during that time. People however, kept inquiring about it and purchasing it. So far this year I've sold more of ChimSoft then ever. Up until now, I'd even been turning down tons of sales because people insisted on talking on the phone, and it just wasn't worth it to me to deal with phone sales and support.

So...I've decided to start supporting and selling it again, with a twist. First, my partners in SearTech wanted to shut the company down, they had no interest in continuing with ChimSoft or putting the time in. So we agreed that my mISV would buy the intellectual property and SearTech would go away. So sometime this month ChimSoft will officially be a 2see Technology product.

Ok...but these people want phone sales? Yeah. So now I have 3 products to support, and it seems like phone sales and support would be useful for all of them. So my wife is officially a 2see Technology employee now! I'll be launching the 800 number by the end of the week, and hope this will help all business grow and provide better support for customers, as she will also take on email support.

This blog address is not really relevant anymore, so I'll probably be moving it, and lets face it, I haven't been the best blogger as of late. I saw something about the mISV "class of 2007" recently, and it's hard to believe this blog has been around since 2005, time really flies!


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I remember reading your earlier post from last year. You seemed pretty down about Chimsoft then. So, I'm glad to hear of your recent success. It also provides me with hope!


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