Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tools I'm Using

Well the mISV challenge is chugging along. It did get derailed by the Thanksgiving holiday, so I'm a little behind schedule. I still plan on starting the beta test this week.

To keep this interesting though, I thought I'd detail what I'm using for this project.

First, I'm using C# with Visual Studio 2003. Which kind of contradicts some earlier posts of mine that suggest using VB.NET for speed of development, and the latest version of .NET, because people don't mind updating. While I mostly still agree with those points, I'm semi limited in my current dev environment until I move, and I only have VS 2003 on this computer. I don't really need any of the .NET 2.0 features for this project, so using 1.1 will result in less downloads for my users. However, C# is much more fun in VS 2005.

To keep things simple, I decided to use Patrick's idea for Drop-Dead Simple Updating for my updates. In ChimSoft, I used a nifty Web service I made that determined if an update was needed, but I decided to get even more simple for this one. Although I probably will eventually make the updater more complicated.

Although it's just me developing by myself, I am using Subversion for source control. It's amazing to me how some people still don't quite get how important the concept of source control is.

I'll probably be using the Infragistics graphics package I bought for ChimSoft, as well as the pretty nice icon pack I received as well.

Stay tuned, hopefully tommorow I'll have a beta out there!


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