Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Slashdot, nothin but flames.

I seem to remember a day when Slashdot actually attempted to post tech news, much like the digg or reddits of today. But if you look at the RSS feed of slashdot at any given time lately, all it is anymore are articles displayed for the mocking of the unwashed slashdot minions. How many Microsoft doing [x] articles are there lately? The news is usually something useless like "Microsoft releases 3 patches for security vunerabilities", but the obvious intent is just to let all the slashdotters get +5 funny's for their various jokes on MS. I didn't think i'd say this even last year, but the good conversation has moved to digg. Slashdot just seems like a pathetic hangout for people who like to mock MS, the US government, and occasionally have a flamewar about Apple, Google, or Nintendo.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Google Domain Park?

I had no idea this existed until I saw someone mention it on Digg:


Here I thought these link farm sites were some rogue enterprise polluting the web, but it seems Google not only approves but actually encourages it? Unlock the value of your unused domain? Ugh.

Friday, June 02, 2006

The summer months are the slower months for Chimney Sweeps, and so our requests have slowed during this period too. We're mainly focusing on marketing at the moment, since our last release was a big one.

On another note, somehow i've found time to start on two other completely non related (non SearTech) projects. Both of these are no-profit ventures. One is a tool I created a long time ago for internal development purposes, I tried to sell it at one time, but don't really care about trying to do that anymore, so when I finish my updates to this version i'll be releasing it free for anyone to use.

My second idea is a larger undertaking, and while it may have the potential to turn a profit, I plan on it being free, and my reasons for making it are more altruistic in nature. It's actually an idea of my wife's and she'll be helping me write it. I'm excited because unlike my other products, this is something EVERYONE can use, no matter what they do. Hopefully will have something out by the end of summer.