Monday, October 29, 2007

It's been a while since posting! A large reason for that is I recently took a job with a very cool tech startup in Pittsburgh. So with all that going on, and getting ready to move from DC, etc... I haven't had a great deal of time to dedicate to my mISV besides regular maintenance. However, once the move is complete, I think I'll find myself in a much better position to dedicate more time to my mISV.

Real quick, why Pittsburgh? Well DC has a smoking hot tech scene, but unfortunately 98% of the companies out there do government contract work. Living in DC all my life, I've had way more then my share of work relating to the government, and even though they all pay really well, the work is boring. Pittsburgh isn't famous for it's tech market, but what tech is happening there is very exciting. With Carnegie Mellon University fighting MIT for the crown of best tech school, there are a lot of interesting startups in the area. Google and Microsoft are both recruiting hard core. But after four years of government work, I wanted to work somewhere without a huge bureaucracy.

One of the other cool things about Pittsburgh, is it's one of the few cities (if not the only one) on the east coast to feature all the "special" features of Google maps, including the street view, where you can virtually walk the streets of the city. And the public transportation mapping mode, which takes all the mysteries out of traveling by bus.

So the corporate headquarters for my business is relocating! But there are some exciting things on the horizon. First, I will finally market Tripzard and polish it off some. Next, I plan on expanding on the success of BudgetSimple by making a cheap downloadable version. It won't be free like the web version, but I still plan to make it reasonable. Also, although I've argued in the past about going fulltime on my mISV, the super low cost of living in Pittsburgh certainly makes that all the more a reality if I decide to do that.