Sunday, October 15, 2006

If you want something done right...

The coolest thing about being a developer is if some application doesn't work the way you want it to, you can take matters into your own hands and fix it.

I had been using Yahoo! Autos maintenance for years now (maybe since 2000?). It used to be semi useful back in the day, and would figure out when you were due for an oil change and remind you. But then that stopped working, and they redid the interface, and ever since it's been horrendous to use. I saw they were hiring for that area a few years ago, so I assumed a web 2.0 makeover was on it's way, and I kept using it.

But still nothing has happened. After changing my oil this weekend I thought, jeez, this application is so simple, I am going to make something better myself. Since I have a car related website, I figured others who are as anal about car maintenance as me may want to use it too. So I spent a few hours this weekend throwing together a quick CRUD web app that already works better then Yahoo!. I still have a bunch of things I want to do before I release it to others, but in a matter of minutes I was able to get my auto history entered, and I'm quite pleased:

I hope to have it out by the end of next week, if you are interested in testing it, let me know. Security is always my biggest concern with apps like this... I spend probably 50% of my development effort thinking of scenarios where people might hack it.


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