Saturday, November 04, 2006

New Site Design

A few months ago I mentioned that I was planning a major redesign of Used Cars On-Line. Well over the past month or so I've been converting most of the code to .NET, adding a few improvements in terms of image viewing, and spam prevention. Over this weekend, I made the biggest switch, to a completely new look.



I told my friend who I had do the design that I wanted something "Web 2.0", and I didn't want to give any input at all, because artistic design and I go together like oil and water. I figured the further I stayed away from it, the better it would look to most people. I'm pretty happy with the end result. It also completely validates to W3C standards, is 508 compliant, yet still keeps the general functionality the same.

Let me know what you think (I am still putting some finishing touches on it).

And to reminisce, here are some designs from the ancient past (they look extra bad since doesn't always keep all the old images):





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